Rice & Noodles

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Ramen soup

A rich broth of ramen noodles served with corn, broccoli, Japanese pickles and egg. Slurp away!

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Tonkotsu ramen

Tonkotsu ramen (or Hakata ramen) originated from Fukuoka - a hearty meal of slow cooked pork bone broth topped with slices of pork belly. Our version has teriyaki pork that gives it an extra kick!

Jshinsen_spicy Miso Ramen.JPG

Spicy miso ramen

Fiery noodles with a miso soup base.

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Jshinsen_Udon soup.JPG

Pork soybean paste udon

A fusion Japanese and Chinese cold dish with thin udon topped with cucumber, pork and soy bean paste - stir it up!

Dan dan udon

Spicy minced pork and peanuts - another Chinese and Japanese fusion combo.

Kitsune udon

A classic udon soup with dashi broth, topped with seasoned fried tofu and scallions.

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Beef noodle

Served with creamy tonkotsu soup.

Ebi-fry udon

Kitsune udon soup with a side of crunchy battered king prawns.

Tonkatsu udon

Crumbed pork fillet paired with kitsune udon soup.

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Jshinsen_Veg Tempura Udon.JPG
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Chicken katsu udon

Crumbed chicken paired with kitsune udon soup.


Japanese styled fried rice with prawn and eggs.

Veggo tempura udon

Vegetable tempura and tofu paired with kitsune udon soup.

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Jshinsen_Teriyaki Pork.jpg
Jshinsen_Oyako Don.JPG

Teriyaki chicken don

Rice bowl topped with tender grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and fresh mixed salad.

Oyako don

Chicken, egg and onions simmered in a rich dashi sauce served on rice.

Kakuni don

Rice bowl topped with braised pork belly and fresh mixed salad.

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Jshinsen_Katsu Don.JPG
Jshinsen_Chicken Karaage.JPG

Gyu don

Thinly sliced beef and onion simmered in savoury dashi broth, seasoned with soy sauce and mirin on rice.

Chicken karaage don

Japanese style deep fried chicken with teriyaki sauce, topped with mixed vegetables and Japanese mayo. Served on fluffy rice.

Chicken katsu don

Rice bowl topped with crispy chicken in a blanket of egg and special sauce.

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Jshinsen_Curry Pork Rice.JPG
Jshinsen_Curry Prawn Rice.JPG

Curry chicken don

Japanese mild curry with crumbed chicken.

Curry pork don

Japanese mild curry sauce with crumbed pork fillet.

Curry ebi don

Deep fried king prawns served with mild curry paste and rice.

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Extra Rice.JPG
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Curry vegetable tempura don

Vegetable and tofu tempura paired with creamy Japanese curry and rice.

Still hankering for more? Kae-dama!

Add a serve of rice or noodles, or additional meats and sides!
You could also upgrade from normal rice to fried rice for extra flavour.