All aboard the J Shinsen Express

‘Shinsen’ literally means fresh in Japanese.

J Shinsen Express is your next stop for delicious, freshly prepared Japanese food that is light on the wallet, but doesn’t skimp on atmosphere or flavour!

We are inspired by the Shinkansen (aka bullet trains) and our wonderful travelling experiences on this network of efficient high-speed rail that takes you all across Japan.

One of the highlights of the journey is you can enjoy an ekiben on board - the iconic bento box filled with an assortment of tasty delicacies that is the cornucopia of Japanese cuisine. And we thought - wouldn’t it be cool to recreate this in a restaurant setting? From there we started to explore the train and dining concept.

Sushi trains and self-ordering systems are a common scene in Tokyo and other bustling Asian cities; in recent years many restaurants have upped the ante by incorporating mini-trains to send out freshly prepared food straight from the kitchen. It’s fun, interactive, and let’s face it - for those of us who grew up playing with mini train sets (and our food), this is what childhood dreams are made of.

We aim to provide the same experience right here in Brisbane. So join us for some well-deserved fun and let us put you right into that #foodcoma!


We like to play with food.

A unique dining experience - perfectly formed sushi delivered to your seat on a real train.

Sourcing high quality, local produce to create a tantalising menu, J Shinsen Express blends the best of Australia and Japan.

J Shinsen Express purveys a smorgasbord of Japanese bites - from carefully rolled maki and nigiri sushi, to steaming hot donburi, ramen and udon, as well as tasty poké bowls and fresh sashimi. We also serve a wide range of your favourite nibbles and snacks (hello gyoza… karaage… tempura … and much more!).

Stay tuned for our menu!