Maki Rolls

Hand-rolled sushi wrapped in roasted seaweed (nori)!

There are two types of maki rolls - futomaki - a thicker roll stuffed with an assortment of ingredients, and hosomaki - a thinner roll with one ingredient.

Jshinsen_mini avo.JPG

Mini roll

Choose from avocado, cucumber, crumbed chicken, cooked tuna or tuna sashimi!

Jshinsen_teriyaki chicken.JPG

Teriyaki chicken

Grilled chicken caramelised in teriyaki sauce with green oak lettuce.

Jshinsen_unagi roll.JPG


Grilled freshwater eel brushed with special sweet sauce.

Jshinsen_ fresh salmon.JPG
Jshinsen_Crumble chicken.JPG

Fresh salmon

Salmon toro rolled in flying fish roe.
Gluten free

Fresh tuna

Tuna rolled in sesame seed mixture.
Gluten free

Crumbed chicken

Succulent chicken, rolled in lettuce and sesame seed mixture.

Jshinsen_Chicken Karaage.JPG
Jshinsen_Tuna Salad.JPG
Jshinsen_Crumble King Prawn.JPG

Chicken karaage

Deep fried chicken bites with teriyaki sauce, rolled in sesame seed mixture.

Tuna salad

House-made cooked tuna rolled in sesame seed mixture.
Gluten free

Ebi fry

Crumbed king prawn rolled in dry prawn flakes.

Jshinsen_California .JPG

California roll

Crab stick, cucumber and avocado rolled in flying fish roe.

Personalise your roll!

Upgrade to brown or purple rice, or add extra avo, cucumber, cream cheese or tamago.

Hot tip: The purple colour in our rice comes from the antioxidant anthocyanin, which helps to lower the risk of some cancers and promote heart health.