Wagashi and more… indulgent Japanese-style confections #treatyourself!



Taiyaki literally means ‘baked sea bream’ - a fish-shaped cake made from pancake or waffle batter. Filled with red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans, these cute little treats are fun and delicious.

Jshinsen_Stawberry mochi.JPG

Strawberry mochi

Japanese rice cake - soft and chewy mochi, filled with strawberry cream.

Jshinsen_Meiji Vanilla Mochi.JPG

Meiji vanilla mochi ice cream

Creamy smooth vanilla ice cream topped with mochi - perfect combination of a chewy bite with silky cream!

Jshinsen_Green Tea Icecream.JPG
Jshinsen_Homemade Tiramisu.JPG
Jshinsen_Chocolate Mud cake.JPG

Matcha ice cream

Bursting with bold green tea flavours.

House-made tiramisu

Japanese style tiramisu made with our chef’s secret recipe!

Chocolate mud cake

Soft centre and rich chocolate - irresistible!